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Cape Coral, FL was discovered in 1957 as a prearranged community. By 2010 Cape Coral’s population multiplied to about 154,305. Cape Coral is considered to be the largest city between Tampa, FL and Miami, FL with a measurement of 120 square miles. Though a little more recent, Cape Coral’s history is an interesting one. Also, Cape Coral has an abundance of waterfront properties, great climate, recreational parks, great beaches, city events, and much more.

After the founding of Cape Coral, FL in 1957, by the Rosen brothers from Baltimore, Maryland, the Gulf American Land Corporation (GALC) was created to help expand the city. Many houses and business were constructed, with roads paved, and Canals excavated. Construction and growth sustained in Cape Coral through the early 1960s. A medical clinic, golf course, public yacht club, and shopping centers were all available by the year 1963, along with 1,300 structures that were either being constructed or in the process of construction. The Cape Coral Bridge was a paramount addition to the city of Cape Coral, which made it a little faster to travel to Fort Myers. In 1970 The City of Cape Coral, FL became official.

The city of Cape Coral, FL is said to have the greatest number of canals than any other city in the world, with over 400 miles of canals. Because of the amount of canals in Cape Coral it is known as “a waterfront wonderland”. A great benefit of Cape Coral is that a large number of its canals have access to the Gulf of Mexico. Cape Coral is also home to The SunSplash Waterpark, The public Yacht Basin and Club, and 30 other recreational parks and seven golf courses. Cape Coral is also within minutes of Fort Myers and the Sanibel Islands. It features many ecological preserves that allow for viewing of particular local wildlife. Cape Coral also features the Art studio, the Cape Coral Art League, the Cultural Park Theater, and the Historical Museum. The city has a persistent growth of public and private schools, which are part of the Lee County School District, same as Fort Myers. These schools have exceptional performance standards.

An Independence Day fireworks festival known as Red White and Boom is held every year in Cape Coral. The German American Club has held Oktoberfest every year since 1985 in Cape Coral, which attracts an estimate of 30,000 visitors. The City of Cape Coral has been featuring a yearly Christmas Boat Light Parade since 1978, which includes over 100 boats. Another Cape Coral festival held annually since 2001 is the Burrowing Owl Festival which occurs in February at the Rotary Park Environmental center. Cape Coral is home to a large number of burrowing owls and they are the official city bird.

Cape Coral, FL is said to experience an average of 355 days of sunshine yearly. In the winter months Cape Coral’s climate is dry with average temperatures. While the summer months there are substantial and short afternoon rains. Cape Coral is listed as the eleventh biggest city in Florida based on population. The 2010 Census puts the city’s population at 154,305.

Cape Coral, FL is an Ideal location for living for those with a variety of interests from families to retirees there are many possibilities for all. With many condos, single family homes, upscale gated communities, waterfront and commercial properties available. It is filled with an abundance of activities from recreational parks, golf courses, fishing sights, to theaters. The weather in Cape Coral is beautiful for the most part of the year. Cape Coral, FL is full of business, fun, and leisure for everyone.

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